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Choosing Forgiveness - A Beautiful State of Being

When we understand how the Law of Attraction is responding to the energy state that we are in makes forgiveness easy and really meaningful. Knowing that all humans are born pure, with an internal knowledge that’s guiding them every step of the way, guiding them to a state of well being. These two understandings help make forgiveness a desired outcome, a wanted emotion. Forgiveness means that we have accepted and moved beyond what we felt hurt us. Such a beautiful state of being. Why would choosing to have forgiveness be at the top of the list? How do we make forgiving easy and part of our daily process?

First let’s remember that there is no human on this planet that is doing something that requires “forgiveness” from a good feeling place. For example, if you have a fight with a friend and feel that they owe you an apology, or you believe that your parents could have done better, or that your spouse has done something that warrants forgiveness, you simply are holding “yourself” in a place of dissatisfaction. Does this mean that “what” was done was right, or moral? Of course not, we simply can’t behave in ways that hurt others and be taking part in wellbeing at the same time. We can however know some things very quickly, if someone is lashing out at work or at school, what emotional state are they in? Are they above or below the line? We can know by the lashing alone where they are, they are below the line. Since our energy state is caused by what our thoughts are doing we can also know other things, their thoughts are not serving them. They could be in worry, fear, resentment, hate, we know they could be hurting too, we know this because when we don’t feel good is when we lash out. This information is valuable to us as we are evaluating if we should “forgive” or not. It’s valuable because we can tell a different story now with this knowledge. We can tell a story of understanding, vs blame. We can say things like, they must be having a bad day, they must be hurting, they must have some worries, this is not personal, they must need to vent. We can tell a different story immediately, this provides us with instant relief and a new found understanding that may no longer require the “forgiveness” you originally sought.

Understanding that people simply don’t respond with love and appreciation when they are in blame, or worry, or in any emotion that feels less than satisfying allows “us” to find a better feeling thought for ourselves, for our own ability to feel better in the now.

We also have to understand that we are taking part in every life experience we have. Meaning your energy output, your energy state is dictating what is happening in your life experience. Arguments with friends for example are generally as a result of wanting something from the other, having a negative opinion about what they are doing, wanting them to change etc. When you focus on “why” you are upset can you clearly define if those emotions are above or below the line for you, is it satisfying? For the examples above would clearly dictate you would be below the line yourself. We simply can’t “want” something from another and feel good, it’s not their job. When we feel like we need to have forgiveness, first ask yourself does it make sense the way they responded based on where they were? The answer will always be yes, the state of being we are in and the words we are using, the actions we are taking are always a perfect match. From here you will be able to find your way to understanding, that will fill you with forgiveness.

Make it a choice, your intention to understand when you or others do things that don’t feel good, means it’s about being in a bad place and not about being a bad person. Forgiveness is easy.

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