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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole and How to Come Out of It

Down the Rabbit Hole - it’s a term All In One has adopted to refer to a negative emotional state. I’m sad therefore I’m in the “rabbit hole”. Our thoughts are what will dictate where we are on an emotional scale, above or below the line. If we are thinking life is fun, appreciating life, knowing things are going pretty well etc, then we don’t feel the effects of the “rabbit hole”. However, if you’re just starting a new business and start thinking about how you’re going to pay the mortgage, wondering where the customers are going to come from, question the decision as a whole, worry about things opening up and wondering if you’re prepared, did we get everything we need, what if we run out, having to run around to get it all done….these thoughts will lead to an emotional state that doesn’t feel good, a feeling of being overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated etc. The emotional state will always be a match to what is happening in your thoughts. Science tells us that it is not possible to manage your thoughts as the average person will have over 70,000 per day...what you can pay attention to and manage is your emotional state. When we don’t feel good is because we are looking at something, talking about something, remembering something or creating something in our thoughts that doesn’t feel good.

Oftentimes we create a story in our thoughts that don’t feel good and may not even be true, which makes sense if you feel insecure or worried, you are likely telling yourself you’re not good enough, the product isn’t good enough, they won’t like the environment, what if the staff doesn't work out, etc. When we have an emotional feeling of insecurity or worry is our indicator that we are “focused” in an area that isn’t serving us or others. You can’t be worrying and having fun, or insecure and be optimistic at the same time. You are not doing anything wrong. When things feel overwhelming and action is taken, the outcome will always match the emotional state. Simply doesn’t matter what the action is, the journey will not be as pleasing as it could have been and it may not have anything to with what you are currently overwhelmed about; i.e. if you’re worried about getting business, you may have a golf date canceled. Doesn’t mean your “business” will fall apart. Means you have an opportunity to find the “other end of the stick”, the desired outcome, the well-being.

The emotional state is our first indicator of how “we” are doing, these emotions can build if we don’t recognize early that we aren't feeling good...if we continue without re focusing then the physical life experience begins to “be” less pleasing...late for work, break a glass, lose something, stub your toe, argue with people, unruly kids etc.

Be willing to tell a new story for example: we are excited about our new business, we built it for enjoyment and fun, we appreciate the customers who will be part of its development, we know when we are optimistic good things will happen. We believe in our product and there are plenty of people who will enjoy it. We will put our best foot forward and be considerate to our patrons, we will hire the most fun people who like to engage and be part of the solution. We will be kind and listen to ideas, we will conduct ourselves with inclusion in mind and be supportive. This is the real truth anyway...isn’t it?

We always have an opportunity to tell a more pleasing story, one that tells the desired outcome. One that is unconditional. When we do this, the Law of Attraction is now responding to this state of being, allowing the cooperative components to come together, the fun customers, one who will promote and tell friends, ones who truly appreciate what you’ve created.

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