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Anxiety is a Clarity Seeker

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Do you ever feel worried, fearful, jealous, chaotic, angry, sad? All of these emotions can lead to a feeling of overwhelming distress….anxiety. It makes sense when you are in an emotional state that is less than satisfying that you don't feel good. It makes sense to not feel good when you are looking at something that is less than pleasing but you have to discover how to give yourself a break and don’t ask this of yourself...or others.

Let’s pick a topic as an example....the US Election. It’s a hot button issue and is a source of anxiety for many. If the results of the election are not what you wanted then it will be difficult to feel good about the results. Why? Because we are not meant to look at what we don’t want and feel good. The terrible or less than pleasing events in our life are meant to provide us with clarity about what we would prefer.

The Law of Attraction is responding to your emotional state and the energy state you are in. When you are focused on something you don’t like, the laws of the Universe will bring you more thoughts that don’t feel good and will go down a rabbit hole that will no longer involve the first thing that was causing the grief. You will remember all the other ways you felt wronged in your life and in others. Before you know it, the laws of the Universe will deliver to you so many negative thoughts that you will find yourself having a physical life experience to match. For example:

  • You’re late for work

  • The kids are screaming

  • You stub your toe

  • You can’t find your keys or phone

  • You run out of gas

  • You spill your coffee

  • You bite your tongue

  • You have an argument with a spouse or family member, etc…

You are living THIS life - you are here, breathing, taking part, living. Why not take the time to feel better? Feelings of unhappiness are meant to be temporary, meant to provide you with more information about the things you would like to experience. We are stronger than we think, we are meant to be happy, we are meant to live satisfying lives, we are meant to learn, we are meant to explore, we are meant to create, we are meant to love, we are meant to be free, we are meant to be helpful, we are meant to be kind.

You are only ever a thought away from feeling a little better. Here are a couple of thoughts that may help you get closer to feeling satisfied:

  • Tell yourself you deserve to be happy

  • Tell yourself that you can find ways to be thankful

  • Tell yourself that everything will be okay

  • Tell yourself that you have some really great friends

  • Tell yourself that you do your best with what you know

  • Tell yourself that you are learning

  • Tell yourself that things will work out

  • Tell yourself that you have great insight

  • Tell yourself that you like to contribute to well being

  • Tell yourself that you provide value

  • Tell yourself that you are a leader

When you make feeling better the goal and desire, you will see a match in your physical life experience.

Over the coming weeks we will be reviewing specific topics, reviewing how to move up the emotional scale so you are living a satisfying life experience. When you begin to understand how your emotional state is affecting the outcome in your real life experience you pay attention to how you are feeling with a little more insight.

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