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Does the Law of Attraction ever get it wrong?

NO. It is always accurate. Always responding to the vibration, the energy stream, which is being provided by YOU. We have such a hard time accepting that everything that is happening around us we have taken part in, even the stuff that feels terrible. We have been a creator in it and we are never alone.

When the human takes their first breath they are now contributing to this physical experience. We are meant to take part in all of what this experience has to offer. We are meant to make decisions, meant to have an emotional response first, then a physical one. It is that emotional experience that provides us with all the information we need. It has everything we need to know within the emotion. We are meant to choose, to choose between what feels best, to choose what is the next logical step, to choose what will be the most beneficial. We are meant to have feelings that make us uncomfortable. Our emotions are our road map, our guidance, our ability to know without needing another to tell us. Everything in this experience is about growth, moving forward, expanding, and we will always be searching for more, always looking for “better” ways, more “efficient” ways, and not because we are “losing” sight of the past, because there is no going back, only forward. We want to blame the millennials and the younger generations for it being “easier” on them. It isn’t, they have the same decisions to make and now news travels in mere seconds, you can be hurtful and mean instantly to another, we have access to all of it, at our fingertips. This all existed 100, 200, 2000 years ago, love, kindness, respect, hope, anxiety, depression, war, judgement, fear, greed, jealousy etc. The emotional stream has always been and came first, then the emotion became a physical experience.

We have advanced in technology faster than ever before and yet we haven’t changed the way we are guiding our children. We haven’t changed the way ‘WE’ are behaving. We haven’t become what we demand of others and this causes a separation between us and us. Remember, at your core, your entirety is unconditional love, so when YOU separate yourself from that you feel it (that’s the negative emotion). Humans feel these emotions when they become separated from the positive energy stream. NOTHING bad is happening here unless you continue in the negative energy stream. The Law of Attraction will guarantee a physical experience to match, 100% of the time. No exceptions. If we catch early on that we don’t feel good and make a decision to be somewhere else (without) anything changing then you shift, you change course to the positive energy stream of which the Law of Attraction will create. It is not personal, it simply doesn’t care about anything other than the emotional guidance it’s being provided, and this is always you, where you are concerned.

Guide yourself into well-being and then “teach” from here. Tell children they have come into an environment that has so much to offer and to choose from. That there are different cultures and belief systems, that they never have to let what others are doing be the reason for them to alter who they are. Remind them that when they don’t feel good that is something to embrace, not fear. Remind them that they are strong, kind, playful, fun, caring, smart, creative and that they have everything they need within to become anything they desire. Support their ideas when it feels good to them, show them that “their” behavior will dictate how this life experience will be for them. Encourage them to look elsewhere when bothered by another, encourage them to their own guidance, remind them who they are at their core everyday. When they ask if someone else is doing something wrong, remind them not to look at the wrongness and to look for what feels better. Remind them we can’t know what’s best for another and that it will feel better to be supportive over judgmental. Remind them it is no one else’s job to change who they are so they can be happy, that it is their job to find what makes them happy, even if it means looking somewhere else. Remind them to embrace the external differences and how much fun it will be exploring those differences. Remind them that this life is about getting what you put in. Remind them that if life is sucky they must look in the mirror because it is them that is taking part, and that there is valuable information in the negative emotion and the fun will be in finding what feels better.

The Law of Attraction is always accurate:

Being respectful brings appreciation

Being kind brings kindness

Being honest brings trust

Being helpful brings thanks

Being strong brings courage

Being curios brings adventure

Being grateful brings unity

And the opposite is true:

Being fearful brings worry

Being mean brings back lash

Being hurtful brings blame

Being dependent brings lack

Being rude brings fights

Being judgmental of others brings conflict

Being dishonest brings guilt

We are not meant to live in pure bliss 24/7 in this experience, it simply isn’t possible because everything exists. We can help our children right from the start by guiding them to the best possible outcome within all of it. The Law will always respond and the well-being bucket will always be there to guide you.

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