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How do the Laws of Attraction affect people who break the law?

The Law of Attraction is always accurate and the physical life experience will always be created from the emotional state that you’re in.

When we look at the reason or the excuse that is being used when people commit a criminal act, it’s easier to connect the dots.

Merriam-Webster uses the following words when referring to ‘break the law’:

“To commit an offence, err, fall, offend, sin, stray, transgress, trespass, breach, break, infringe, violate, steal, backslide, mess up, vandalise, fall from grace etc...”

All of these words are what we call ‘below the line’, or in the ‘rabbit hole’ which means this is where we are ‘attracting’ from.

If one is having this physical life experience there are things we can know because the Law of Attraction is providing the cooperative components to the road map it was given. This is an emotional, virtual if you will, life experience first. The physical experience is created from here - this physical experience simply doesn’t happen until we take action.

There are many “reasons” we use to break the law: poverty, parental neglect, alcohol and drug abuse, anger, revenge, ego, fear, late for work, jealousy, peer pressure…..

It’s important to look at what is happening emotionally to the ones who are doing the breaking.

Ask yourself, does it make sense that someone who is starving may steal a loaf of bread, someone who believes what someone else has should also be theirs, or the one who feels lonely and insecure starts hanging out with the ‘wrong crowd’. Isn’t it logical for that person to come into contact with someone who is a vibration match? Someone who may ask them to be part of ‘their group’.

What is the deciding factor? Why is it that only a handful of people commit crimes? Every community has poverty, neglect etc and yet the majority of people are law abiding wonderful citizens. Why?

The Law of Attraction can not be broken, it will always be a match to what the human believes and how they conduct themselves in their life experience, Law of Attraction will ensure the match becomes a physical.

So what’s the solution? It is not possible to be in a state of happiness at all times when there are simply things in this world that have a negative emotional effect. The goal is to guide through these experiences by way of resilience, confidence, and knowing that everything that happens will be a result of their contributions.

Show your children what it’s like to be kind, have strength, ownership, to be open, generous, inclusive, that this life experience is about taking part and every step of the way will be a contribution. That for every experience they have, subsequently they can get through it, not at the expense of others, but simply because they understand that it’s part of the process.

There is much to discover in discomfort, that we grow and expand from here.

When in discomfort they can find the ‘other end of the stick’, ask them what they would prefer and why, tell them they have everything they need, tell them they are precious and we are lucky to have them, tell them that there is so much more to explore and discover, that when they feel upset this means they want something and that’s ok.

We will spend our entire life experience wanting something, that’s the point of expansion and growth, and as a result of them wanting, they will provide insight and have ideas that will be creative and helpful. Tell them they are meant to learn and expand, to take part.

It makes sense that children guided to well-being and resilience will be a match to the positive energy stream, allowing them to experience the fun that the Law of Attraction will create for them. These people simply do NOT break the law when they are having unconditional fun.

This life is an emotional journey first, it is from here that we can create an environment that is more fulfilling, teach your children they are meant to have fun no matter what and they will always have the power to find it, they just have to be willing to look.

- Michelle

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