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Well-being and the Law of Attraction, what happens with the words we use?

It’s an interesting thing to ponder what it would be like if every single one of us made it our intention to be helpful. To accept all that is and see the beauty. What if we all took a moment to decide that today “we” are going to go about this day with the best possible outcome? What do you think happens when we believe in ourselves, when we believe in others? What do you believe happens when we choose kindness? What happens when we decide that we can accomplish anything? What happens when we build people up and guide them to their strength, wisdom and knowledge? What happens when we choose to use supportive words? What happens when we look at the bigger picture and choose well-being for all that it is? What happens when we decide to become what we demand of others? What happens when we go with the flow? What happens when we take part in this experience when we feel good? What happens?

  • From a Law of Attraction perspective your life experience is filled with happiness, appreciation, good friends, loving partners, opportunities, inclusion, and you and everyone around you is having fun.

It makes sense this would be the case. When we are unconditional and decide to allow others to be who they are, to have their own experiences, to have feelings that may differ from ours allows freedom within you. The only way these experiences can happen is if you are in a good feeling place or “above the line”. This will create within you a connection to well-being and the words you use will be a match. If you are needing someone to respond differently you will have emotions that don’t feel good. You can’t want something you don’t have and feel good.

  • You are having a text message conversation with someone you care deeply about, they aren’t feeling good. They are using words that express insecurity, words that “feel” hurtful to “you”, they are different then “normal”, cold even. Where do you respond from? Do you join them in the rabbit hole and respond in fear, anger, frustration, overcompensation, or faking it?

Whenever the human has an emotion that doesn’t feel good, it tells you valuable information.

  1. It tells you which bucket you are currently in, when it doesn’t feel good tells you that you are holding a perspective that is different from well-being. Meaning, your well-being is looking at the identical text message and has love and appreciation while your awareness is experiencing lack and feels sad. This difference of opinion between you and you is what creates a negative emotion.

  1. It tells you what you want (For every negative emotion we have, we want the opposite). Meaning, if you feel like you didn’t get the response you want, you are looking at the response differently than your well-being, you are feeling sad or frustrated and your well-being understands that they may be having a bad day. Your well-being understands this life is a process, that we shouldn’t take it personally, that we should love anyway. Your well-being is rooting for you, reminding you how kind you are, how much love and respect you have, always guiding you to a better feeling place.


  • It takes a knowing, an understanding, to remain focused in the best possible outcome when faced with something unwanted. Someone in the negative energy stream simply can’t “hear” the positive nor will they speak it. Interestingly, the more you try to be “positive” the less likely they will come, you just become “annoying” to them with your positive words…

If you choose to point out that your partner has become less flirty or that they are distant, or behaving differently they will respond in defense. Although their statements may be true, you pointing it out will NOT bring you the response you actually want because you are in the rabbit hole, (needing someone to respond differently automatically puts you in the rabbit hole) and the Law of Attraction is always accurate. It is not your job to make them happy nor is it your job to poke the bear like "pointing out what you don't like".

Instead of pointing out the wrongness, realize that the negative emotion you are feeling is telling you that you want fun, you want engaged, you want flirty…then become it. Do the “work” to get yourself in a good feeling place, get yourself in a place of optimism, of understanding that people have bad days, that it makes sense that they ‘seem’ cold when they don’t feel good. Decide that you will respond from a place that feels better, tell them how wonderful they are, tell them how much you appreciate them, tell them they make you laugh, tell them you believe in them, tell them they have value. They will ‘feel’ the difference and you will feel good because you used words that are genuine and kind, this always matches with well-being.

  • You are not doing this to make THEM happy, you are doing this because it feels best for YOU to say it, because it comes from a place of well-being and is unconditional. Because you care and understand that loving words get a loving response. Happiness is always the byproduct when we approach this experience from an unconditional mindset. You are now using words that match the outcome you want and you will be creating from there and the Law of Attraction will guarantee a match.

Make a decision to speak of what you want, the stuff that feels good and take action from there. Your life will change the second you do, Law of Attraction doesn't judge, simply delivers.

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