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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

“the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true” - Cambridge Dictionary

Think about that for a moment and feel what the words are saying, “it’s a feeling of being certain that something exists or is true”. From a Law of Attraction perspective your beliefs much so that your beliefs are providing the feedback the universe needs to put all the pieces together, the cooperative components...the drive to work, the interaction with others, whether ideas flow, whether you meet the love of your life, get a job etc. Law of Attraction responds to the energy/electricity being given off by you making your beliefs around any and all subjects important. Ask yourself a question, does my belief help or hurt yourself or others? If the answer hurts then consider the impact of that belief. You can know if your belief is helpful by how it feels. For example, I believe that we can be successful feels better than saying I believe we will fail. If you believe something will fail then it will, if you believe in the success then it will.

Why is this? If you believe in the failure of something you are having thoughts of what can go wrong, that it won’t last, that you’re not supposed to have it, that you don’t deserve it, that they don’t deserve it, that you didn’t work hard enough...the list is endless. There is an emotional state tied to those thoughts, they are easy to spot because they don’t feel good, such as, tired, frustrated, annoyed, angry, jealous, impatient…..from this energy state you are simply not having a great day, appointments are being cancelled, your hitting red lights, spilling coffee, tripping, everything you touch seems to “fall apart”. That’s the Law, it’s orchestrating on your behalf, exactly what you are telling it to do. You are not intentionally asking to have a bad day, the Law is simply responding to where you are. And your beliefs provide the energy match for it to create it. For example, if you’ve been telling yourself and others over and over again that the Government sucks, sucks, it also means it doesn’t serve you or others to have that belief because now your day sucks. You may even be right, however you can’t think something sucks and feel good, nor be “Attracting” anything different than things that suck.

Why do beliefs form? One's beliefs form the thoughts they are thinking, from personal experiences, from other’s experiences. Over the course of your lifetime you have been given many things to choose from, opinions and beliefs of others such as parents, teachers, friends, co-workers, siblings, including your own personal desires. You will always have an opinion of what is most preferred for you. You know the answer by how you feel, if you don’t like the feeling, you want the opposite, if you like the feeling you are on track!! Both are valuable and full of clarity.

Can our beliefs be changed? With every thought that we think. When you continually think a thought it will become a belief in time. You always have an opportunity to shift a belief that doesn’t feel good or may hurt others. Give yourself some time, be easy about it, try and change your focus, put your attention on the things that feel good to you. Read about things that make your heart sing, go for walks, try new things, call a friend you enjoy talking with, do something nice in the community. Make it your intention to pay attention to how you are feeling. Remind yourself it’s not your business to sort out what is happening with other people, or what their beliefs are. Make sure you are doing everything you can to feel good, to be optimistic, to be helpful, to be kind. Make it an intention to believe in the well being, to believe in yourself, to believe in others, to believe in process, to believe in the best possible outcome. The Law is responding to what you believe in, and your well being is guiding you to the fun, easy, well meaning way of getting there. You can hear this path clearly when you believe in the things that feel good.

Love yourself and others, the path will be fun.

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