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Comfortable in the uncomfortable

The Law of Attraction is responding to the emotional state we are in and it’s always consistent and will orchestrate on our behalf the life experience that matches this state.

This life experience provides us an opportunity to take part in all of it. Both energy streams exist for us to play around in, we can put our focus on positive and negative. This experience will ensure it and we will inevitably ask for more, to want more, to want something different, to feel better, this means we are growing, and evolving. It means we are living and experiencing things like loss, heartache, illness, job loss etc.

(A solution gets created immediately when our focus or action is in the negative, the “uncomfortable”. As soon as we make a decision to refocus and find something positive we have access to that solution).

There are things happening around the world that seem impossible to comprehend or ignore. It’s hard to understand why we are still operating outside of a collective well being, a desire to have the best possible outcome for all that is, to make decisions that will benefit and inspire growth and development, that provide peace. That intention is available to all of us, and yet our physical experience shows us the focus is in fear, worry, greed, mistrust, discomfort, that we are wanting something we don’t have.

When we use our discomfort as a way to provide us with knowledge that we are wanting improvement and then make a decision to find the improvement from a place of best possible outcome, we are now creating from a positive energy stream and Law of Attraction will again oblige.

It is not logical to be focused on the uncomfortable and feel comfortable, it doesn’t make sense to be emotionally invested in a vibration, an energy of discomfort and have Law of Attraction create anything different from that vibration.


"When we have emotions that don’t feel good, like blame, guilt, fear it is because we are focusing on the “wrongness”, we are using words or having thoughts like - they shouldn’t, that’s wrong, shame on them, that’s mine, they took it, we are judging or we are self sabotaging."


We can’t control what another is doing, or what their thoughts are. All we can do is OUR best to take part from a place of well-being. As things open up and restrictions lift, make it your intention to stay in when ill, to wash your hands, to be considerate of others, to respect yourself and others for their choices and be judgement free. Make a choice to insight peace, unity, inclusion, to be supportive, to appreciate and be helpful and then notice how you are feeling.

It will be you “comfortable in the uncomfortable”.

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