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How to stay positive in a changing world

Why is it more difficult to change our view or values when we’re older?

Every emotion has brought us to where we “are”. Specifically speaking from a Law of Attraction and well-being perspective, the moment the “human awareness” is taking form we are taking part in this experience and have access to all that is here.

It is our belief that we come from an energy stream of well-being, unconditional love and purity. It is infinite and knows it is about to enter an environment that has access to everything, both positive and negative, an energy that knows there will be decisions to make, knows that we have a built in guidance system to help us out along the way.

An energy that understands we are meant to be happy, enjoy life, to take part, and explore, to grow and be a part in the expansion. It works seamlessly with Law of Attraction, both are consistent, non judgemental and and only ever moving in one direction…forward.

The energy will become “matter” by taking “form” by way of the human. Everyone is unique and special, born into their own specific experiences, however we ALL come from purity, love, and inclusion.

For every moment we spend in this experience there are decisions to make, most of them get made unnoticed.

For example, once we get over the “frustration” of not being able to crawl or walk, we don’t have to “think” about it any longer. We simply grow to have a gait, a step, it becomes a part of us, it’s what we’ve practiced, over and over again. When we practice anything we become very good at it, including “difficult” views as we get older.

We never get this wrong, your experience will match…

Whatever your views are your life experiences will be a perfect match. If your view is the government sucks, then the thoughts and words you use around the subject will be negative. You will say things like, “they are idiots”, “they don’t know what they are doing“, ”they are stealing our money, spending foolishly, letting in ‘unwanted’ immigrants“ and will often go find whatever you can to “agree” with your perspective and “educate” others about the subject from that same perspective.

Think about the new baby, what is the energy? What words are being used? What “stories” are we telling? Where were we born?

We come into an environment that allows us to choose between two perspectives, one that allows us to guide our children from a place of inclusion, helpfulness, well-being, or we can guide them into hate, mis-trust, fear and worry.

What makes sense about what happens to us with the things we hear and say over and over again? What energy bucket are you in when you are teaching your children to fear? Teaching them that they are superior? Teaching them to be conditional? Or allowing others behavior to affect them? Doesn’t it make sense that the emotional connection, the “vibration/energy” be in the negative energy bucket? Of course, you can’t possibly be promoting “exclusion” and feel good.

When we do this in front of our children we give them the opportunity to then use that same subject as an “excuse” for them to be upset, they will grow up telling the same story.

They will use the same excuse when they don’t feel good, and give up their power to another and blame another for their emotional state.

Imagine in our own experiences the stories we have been hearing and the ones we are telling, generation after generation, day after day. Have we been telling our children they are strong, they are born into an environment where there is everything at their fingertips, that they will be taking part, that they are precious and will provide value, that inclusion feels best, that we are different and have things to embrace.

That there is so much to explore and learn about, that for everything we take part in we will be able to know if it feels good or not. That when we work together we find solutions sooner, that we are meant to experience things that don’t feel good and that’s ok, it is our reminder we have separated ourselves from well-being. Are we telling our children to be what they are expecting of others, are we teaching them by our own example to love, to be kind, to be helpful, to be understanding, to be encouraging, to do “the work”?

Why does it make sense to guide from there?

We are meant to enjoy this experience, we are meant to do it within the way things are. We are meant to find the solution to every problem we have ever felt. We are meant to include, and appreciate, to know that everything provides value, we are meant to learn and experience different cultures, different foods. We are meant to experience as many differences as we can, that’s what makes this life remarkable. When we learn and make it a choice to view this experience from that perspective, we simply “feel” better.

When we are in an energy state that is “satisfied/above the line” then food tastes better, conversations feel better, getting out of bed “feels” better, going to work “feels” better and when in that emotional state we are more productive, we are a team player, we are problem solvers, we are helpful, people like to be around us, we find laughter. It all has a ripple effect, one always leads to another and that chain will always be consistent.

The Law of Attraction will always provide the cooperative components in your experience and use your emotional state as its blueprint.

As soon as the human makes a decision to speak of the solution over the problem you will have changed your views and be creating from a place of optimism.

- Michelle

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