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Faking it until I make it, is that good or bad?

You are meant to have fun, to take part, to make decisions, to experience ups and downs, and you are meant to choose what feels best to do. That’s the beauty of this life experience.

Law of Attraction is always responding to what the energy is, which is relative to what emotional state you are in, so if you really are “faking” it, meaning you don’t actually believe in your desired outcome then no - faking it would mean you are creating in the negative energy stream and would mean your life experience is less than pleasing.

Your belief system around the things you are saying to yourself and others are very important - this is what gives the Universe what it needs.

Instead of using terms like, “I’m going to fake it till I make it”, we would suggest changing that to “I’m going to go with the flow", "I'm going to believe in myself", "I'm going to find the solution", "I'm going to have fun", or "I’m going to become it”.

Not only are you creating in the positive energy stream, you will feel better and you won’t have to worry about “faking” it because you won’t be. You will be heading towards the desired outcome, you will have put your awareness in a place to feel/hear well-being, and this will always feel good. It will feel accomplished, fun, like it's the best path. Now Law of Attraction is providing things that are fun, easy, and have a solution. It is simply more fun to live this experience when we are looking for the best possible outcome.

Being open and willing to tell a different story to the desired outcome, to not have to “fake it” would make everything flow easier and you wouldn’t have to worry about it being good or bad.

The definition of “fake it” per Merriam-Webster is:

  • "to pretend to be something that one is not, or to have some knowledge or ability that one does not really have."

All you have to do is read the definition and it doesn’t “feel” good, it feels off, dishonest, does it make sense that one would be in the positive energy stream with that belief? What emotional connection do you have with “faking it”. Is it possible to give off an “energy/vibration” that feels good if you think it’s dishonest?

Look at what “faking it” means to you, and how that will connect with an energy stream, a stream that Law of Attraction is responding to, putting together the things you will experience, first from an emotional state, thought, idea, belief and then a physical experience, when you take action. Does it feel good to you?

The goal is to have the most fun we can knowing we are always on our way to more, to new desires, and ideas, wanting to explore and grow, to take part.

Knowing we have access to all of it, the bad stuff too, we can still feel sure that we have an internal knowledge, a well-being that is always there full of support, guiding us to the best possible path, leading us to the things that feel best and are helpful.

Having fun becomes easier when you are willing to hold a perspective that feels good. That benefits you and others. When you are willing to find what the desired outcome is, you automatically move yourself into a new more pleasing state of being. It’s not possible to look at not having something and feel good, it is not possible to “fake” anything and feel good.

Instead, genuinely believe in yourself, do the “work” to be kind, thoughtful, caring, be the go-with-the-flow kind of person, you will never fake it again.

- Michelle

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