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Feeling Better About Work

We say that if you do what you love it’s not work. So true, however there is a way to be doing something you may not love and still feel good about going to work. Or maybe you love what you do, however you have a different opinion about the way the business should be run or how they treat their employees. It simply doesn’t matter, if you are focusing on the wrongness of the organization, you are not having a good time, and you are withholding yourself from having a pleasing life experience and being a fantastic employee.

It’s simply not possible to be dissatisfied at work and feel good about work. What can we do as individuals regarding our environment? What can we do to make our environment more pleasing? What can we do to become part of the solution? Are you the employee who comes to work with a great attitude, with a desire to be part of a team, someone who keeps the organizations best interest in mind? What do you think the organization is looking for in their employees? We can be assured that they want honest, helpful, forward thinking, eager employees, who make it their desire to come to work with a good attitude and to be part of the solution.

We often find that we don’t like our jobs because we focus on things that are out of our control. Doesn't matter what industry you are in, there are going to be things that happen that you can’t control. What you can control is your response to it. Say you have a shipment that is due from overseas and is a week late. Do you think your company wants you to panic and throw your arms into the air and complain to anyone who will listen or would the company appreciate an approach of having the facts? And would this be enough? Could we do more as the employee to further the best possible outcome? When we focus on the best possible outcome we find that we are willing to do a little more work, maybe there is another supplier, maybe we can have the product made etc. Now with the same bad news we can provide a much more satisfying answer, for the company, its employees and customers. We can tell a more complete and pleasing story, we can show that we looked elsewhere for solutions, we can show that we care about providing good service, about finding alternatives. We can also learn from the experience itself and this will help us grow individually and collectively.

What can the organization do to help their employees be successful? Set clear and defined expectations to include job function, be very clear on the why, this helps people understand why they do what they do and helps with success. Take away the excuse. Pay attention to the complaints and discover what is on the other end. If the employee is complaining they also have the solution so be the organization that helps them find it.

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