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Feeling Sad & What You Can Do

Law of Attraction is responding to where you are, when in an emotional state that is sad, alone or depressed the Law is bringing you “like” life experiences. It is orchestrating on your behalf, putting together cooperative events, such as your next thought. These events will happen in our minds which will cause an emotional connection to them, we will be reminded of how terrible things are, how someone behaved in a way you didn’t like, how work is bothering you, how you want others to see as you see, how no one understands or gets you, how no one could love you, how things just “never” work out and how you have the worst luck, believing it will never end. Law of Attraction is responding to an energy, a vibration, a connection that your awareness is having in it’s “perception” of what’s occurring around you.

Doesn’t it make sense when we don’t feel good our thoughts would bring us further into the rabbit hole? Doesn’t it make sense that if we are sad we are also likely tired, worn out and may not want to go to a party, get out of bed, visit with friends or do anything we enjoy? Of course that makes sense. So when you’re not feeling good, and things around you feel like they are falling apart, take a minute to breathe, to give yourself a break, to understand that you’re not doing anything “wrong”. The Law simply has no choice, it can’t waiver, it just can’t provide anything other than what we are telling it.

Is there anything we can do?

First, know you deserve to be happy, you deserve to have the things that make your heart sing, that you are loved, that you provide something bigger in this experience and your awareness hasn’t discovered it yet. That’s it’s ok to be sad because it tells us very important information. This life experience provides us with things that are sad all the time, loss of job, family, friend, pet, partner, hurt of another, wanting something we can’t have. It is part of this experience, for everyone, that in itself means we are never alone. If when you’re sad you are willing to say to yourself it’s ok to be where you are and that you have a desire to feel better, you’ve made the first step. The decision to feel better lines up with well-being. Well-being is always promoting you, assuring you, telling you that everything will be ok, that you’re on your way, that you are smart, creative, fun, caring, helpful, kind and so much more. Well-being never waivers either, just like the Law, it will only provide inspiration from a well meaning place, from an unconditional place, from a place of love. It will ALWAYS be encouraging of you, anything else you “think” you are hearing is NOT from well-being. For example, you don’t feel good and you hear in your thoughts that your family doesn’t appreciate you, or you’re not good enough, these thoughts are not being driven by well-being, these are habitual, old thoughts, maybe even words someone has said to you, either way, it was not the message from well-being, as a matter of fact, while your having those thoughts, well-being is wanting you to hear their words of encouragement instead, always calling to you, always providing guidance, always providing inspiration to do things you will enjoy. There are no exceptions to these rules. Law of Attraction will bring you what you are feeling, and well-being is always guiding you to the least path of resistance, to a more pleasing route, to achieving the best possible outcome. Practice hearing what those thoughts are, the good feeling thoughts, you will feel better.

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