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Finding Satisfaction During the Election - We Are All In This Together

It’s interesting to understand how the laws of the Universe are working to bring you everything you are thinking about, focused on, and talking about. Your life experience will be a perfect match to all of it. How you feel around any subject is what matters - you have the ability to shift your focus to a more pleasing thought whenever you want to be closer to a feeling of satisfaction.

Right now the political world is focused in turmoil and we are consumed by the election in the US. Many are feeling stressed, unsure, and scared. It’s so difficult to be focused on the chaos of the election and feel good. There is a lot going on and for many it may feel like there is a lot on the line, so if your focus is on this turmoil, you won’t feel good.

We are naturally meant to feel good, to feel satisfied, therefore it makes sense to feel frustrated during these times... to feel like you have no control over what happens, like there should be someone or something to blame, to feel like no one cares. It makes sense to feel all of these things when you are looking at the opposing party with mistrust, with hate, with fear, with concern, with a belief that they are wrong. The Law of Attraction is so precise that when you do this, you are the one holding yourself in a place that is less than satisfying. You are attracting a less than pleasing life experience. It is your focus that is dictating what kind of life experience you will have.

So what can you do to move up the emotional scale and get closer to a feeling of gratification? Here are some positive thoughts that might help guide you around the election:

  • The election provides insight into the gaps in the system, this is an opportunity for growth

  • We are learning more about ourselves and what we want in our leaders

  • We are discovering things we didn’t know we cared about

  • We are engaging younger generations the importance of voting

  • We can’t know what anyone else’s intentions are, focus on your intention only, and how we can be a part of the change we desire

  • There is a global awareness of the type of change that’s desired

  • Understand everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs and know it is the difference of opinion, of beliefs, of goals that make us better. We become more educated when we expand our knowledge base, discover new technologies, and become more diverse.

If you are still having difficulty finding satisfaction within the current environment try to shift your focus and reset by:

  • Making a list of 5 things you can be grateful for outside of of the election

  • Find different topics to talk about

  • Play with your children/pets

  • Reach out to a loved one who is naturally uplifting

  • Start a puzzle

  • Find a good feeling subject you would like to learn more about

    • Making Flower Arrangements

    • Building Model Airplanes

  • Quiet your mind through meditation

    • Use a technique that distracts you from the clutter of racing thoughts, focus on counting your breaths, paying attention to how your abdomen will move up and down with each breath - do this for 5-10 minutes every morning

  • Be the change you want, be a leader in your community, volunteer, clean up the sidewalks, be kind, be supportive, be helpful

It is important to remember that we are all in this together with our own individual desires and beliefs. It’s nice to have different views, this is what allows us to become better, we learn from every experience and the difficult experiences make us stronger, individually as well as collectively.

It is not possible to be focused in the negative and feel good. It is not our job to be worried about what others are up to, we can’t control them, the only one you can control is you. So as you make your life decisions, make it your desire to make these decisions from a place of satisfaction, a place of feeling good, this will ensure the outcome you want.

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