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How Can We Help “Troubled” Children?

When a child is lashing out we can know several things, we can know they are hurting, they are looking at things that don’t feel good, they are thinking thoughts that are causing them to get upset, they feel like no one understands, that life sucks, that they want to be somewhere else, that they want something they currently do not have. If you have parents guiding these children from the same “emotional place”, ie: frustration, tiredness, annoyance, exhaustion, depression or blame, does it make sense that the child would “hear” love, or affection, understanding or trust? If you are screaming at your child to shut up, or telling them they are bad, telling them they should be better, ignoring them, or blaming them for your behaviour and expecting them to respond differently than what you are giving them doesn’t make logical sense.

When children are in an environment where the energy is predominantly a negative energy stream of worry, concern, frustration, panic, fear, it makes sense for them to be open to that energy, and then respond from that emotional state. Children from this state will go to school and be disruptive, they may be bullies, or exclude themselves, they may hurt themselves or others, this can start verbally and may move to physical altercations, they may steal or experiment with drugs. Law of Attraction is providing the cooperative components to the energy state every step of the way, when a child is taking action in life from here, the outcome will match for them as well. They will get the teacher who thinks they are the problem, they will have friends who you may think are “bad influences”. It will appear like they will do anything for attention. This may be true, they may do anything to feel something, to feel something different, to feel relief.

I believe every child born into this world was born with a purity that they will always have access to. That they are special and unique, that they provide value and have insights that are helpful and will contribute to our expansion, that they are loved and appreciated. We have a lot to learn from children, when they are hurting we should tell them it’s going to be ok, that we love them, that we believe in them, that we know they have the strength to achieve anything, that they are kind, that they are creative and have wonderful ideas. With a little encouragement they can find things that are pleasing to them, they can make a decision to look for the things they enjoy, to encourage them into a place of optimism, of looking forward, of respecting themselves and others. Letting them know that they have valuable solutions to everything they think is a problem, that for every problem they ever experience they will forever become an educator. That they are taking part and are important, that their feelings matter a lot.

We must remember that we are always taking part in every experience we have, that we are contributing to that experience, that we are contributing from an energy state which is a match to the emotional state we are in. Make a choice to look for the best possible outcome, it will be easier to guide your children into a state of well being. Love them unconditionally, guide them to their own knowing, remind them how special they are. They will hear you.

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