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How Do You “Attract” Love?

Since the Law of Attraction will match the energy being put out by you, take some time to look at where you are now. Are you in a state of being that you want to “attract”? You can always know what you’re attracting by how you are feeling. It is from this emotional state that we are providing energy, the Law matches that energy. When we are feeling good about ourselves, confident, fun, free spirited, optimistic we are often in the right place at the right time. Meeting that special someone. When you understand that your energy output is what is attracting your life experiences you will learn to become more specific in your intentions, and truly begin to understand who “you” really are, this will help you define what you want to attract.

You present a single guideline when defining who you are and want to be. The words you write, the thoughts you have, the beliefs you create, must feel good. It is how to ensure the match you are looking for.

With that in mind, who are you? Really?

I believe you were born kind, one who is willing to be generous, friendly and considerate of others. You were born curious, eager to know and learn, always asking why? You were born knowing this experience was supposed to be fun, that you had to allow for the growth of all things. You were born with a desire to take part from a place of well-being, you were born to be helpful, to be considerate, to be compassionate. You were born to be respectful of yourself, our planet and all that is in it. You were born to be genuine and have unconditional intentions, you were born to be well meaning, thoughtful and hopeful. You were born to find the solution, to be inclusive, to have fun and be happy. When we meet these people, aren't they the best interactions? It makes sense that every baby born is pure, and beautiful, full of wonder and amazement, is loving, optimistic, wanting to have fun, willing to explore, wanting to take part in all things to discover what they enjoy.

Think about it, no human has ever been able to choose what environment they would be in when coming into this life experience. You didn’t get to pick your parents, your country, your wealth. No one does, something we all have in common. Our experiences cause us to become who we are. Doesn’t it make sense that when you become these things that you would in turn “feel” good? Remember that the Law of Attraction is responding to the energy state connected to your emotional state, so when feeling good provides valuable information to the Universe on what cooperative components will be orchestrated that will be pleasing to you. You are meant to be happy, to find what makes your heart sing.

It is not always easy to tell yourself how wonderful you are if you’ve been living in fear, worry, insecurity, illness, poverty, guilt, blame etc. If you were raised in an abusive or insecure environment, one without encouragement, it makes sense that you would have these emotions. You aren’t doing anything wrong. If you have taken action from that emotional state you may have behaved in a way that wasn’t pleasing to you or others, you may have even been hurtful or spiteful. This again makes sense when you don’t feel good. This also defines who you are attracting, someone who may be abusive, complains all the time, lazy, etc.

We can’t undo yesterday and tomorrow isn’t here yet, what we have is now and we are Attracting with every thought. It’s easy to feel good when willing to become the beauty you really are, watch love flow all around you.

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