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Is talking about a painful past helpful?

From a Law of Attraction perspective (and thinking we are attracting our physical experiences), going into the past can be tricky for most people.

Going to the past will often bring up feelings of remorse, guilt, fear, anger etc...which means we are “attracting” from that emotional state in the now. Understanding why things lined up and why the experience happened will provide clarity, because with clarity you can find true freedom from the past.

Everything you’ve lived through brought you to this moment, made you stronger, more knowledgeable, provided value in this experience. More importantly you didn’t do anything “wrong”.

We don’t get to choose where we are born into.

The energy which becomes a baby doesn’t choose where it’s going, it doesn’t choose if they are born in Canada, with 2 parents, in a hospital where it was planned and expected, full of love, or if it’s drug addiction, fear, poverty, environments of hate and discord, mental or physical illness etc...

Once we are born, our emotional state is what causes life to become: meaning we have the thought, the idea, the inspiration. This creates an emotional connection/vibration first; then the physical life experience occurs. It is only ever in this order, emotional then physical. This starts at our first breath, we are contributing from this moment on with every experience we have.

No person is “asking” to be abused or beat, to be hungry or feel alone.

The Law of Attraction is simply putting together cooperative components to the energy state, it doesn’t care how old you are, if children are afraid, hungry, insecure, worried, lonely, hurting, angry, sad, embarrassed, confused etc..., they are in the negative energy stream and this is the information in which your life experience is being created.

First you “feel” it, (ie: sad, shy, naïve, scared).

Think about how it “feels” to be insecure or afraid (it sucks right?). You feel lost or your tummy hurts, this is the “emotional/energy” connection to what LOA is responding to and what the physical experience will be. An emotional, vulnerable person will be in the same energy stream as a perpetrator. You are in the same stream as the robber, a bully, a mean teacher, an abusive parent or spouse, sickness, etc...

You were simply in the vicinity of what was already in the negative energy bucket; there was an “energy match” when being raised in a vulnerable environment and we ended up creating from here.

Does this mean we are to “blame ourselves” for the tragedies or hardships that have occurred in our experience? NO, no one deserves to be hurt in any way, and not at any age, race or culture. NO ONE.

Understanding how LOA and well-being work provides clarity that the energy lined up with the physical experience and when bad things happen to us, we didn’t mean for it to happen, we didn’t “ask” for it.

This life experience is relative and is one of the reasons why going into the past can be tricky, we will find ourselves in an emotional state of wanting to blame someone or something for our pain and this will quickly be followed by guilt.

Two things are for certain that we can count on their accuracy.

We can believe in ourselves and remember we were created from well-being, we can believe that we have access to a solution always, and the solution will always be of benefit to ourselves and others. It will feel good, it will make sense. There is such freedom in that mindset; freedom in having a personal knowledge of well-being that we have access to.

When you believe:

  1. We are created from well-being, a collective energy of love that is truly unconditional, that knows what the best path to happiness is inclusive and loves all. It is not asking you to choose between right or wrong, only what feels better, a knowing that is available to us always that is consistent in it’s message. It is exciting to take part and will only deliver a message that feels good (you’ll hear it in your thoughts and in your tummy), and it will be in your words which leads to physical action (kindness, eagerness, helpfulness).

    1. The energy knew it was coming into an environment that had access to the negative, it’s why it came prepared with a constant, a message of best possible outcome only, one that is unconditional and benefits all that is, it’s something you can trust, it’s YOUR well-being and has only the best interests in mind, it will guide you. The human feels a separation from this well-being when going down the "rabbit hole".

  2. The Law of Attraction is always responding to that energy and is always consistent, meaning that it will always provide the cooperative components to the energy state, it starts in thought, then when we take action and becomes a physical life experience.

If talking about a painful past causes you pain now and leads you to stay there for any length of time, then no, from a LOA perspective talking about the past would not be helpful as you would be attracting in the negative energy stream NOW.

If you can talk about a troubled past and believe it wasn’t your fault, that you didn’t deserve it, and you are not blaming another, that “you” simply were a vibrational match to what became the physical experience then yes, understanding the past can be helpful and provide freedom.

It is always the vibration, the emotion, the energy stream in which one you are flowing in - that will dictate the physical experience.

When we are in a negative or not feel good “thought” such as I’m alone, there is an emotional connection for the human to “feeling alone” and it doesn't feel good.

LOA will put together similar “thoughts” and will give you access to another in the same energy stream…"I’m always going to be alone", "I’m not good enough", "My job sucks", "My partner is lazy", "The Government sucks"...the list is endless.

You will feel unpleasant and if you take action from here the physical experience will be less than pleasing. If you can recognize quickly how you are feeling and make a decision to feel better and go towards it then you will “hear” well-being and your thoughts will change to strength, gratitude, appreciation, love, and understanding.

Now, LOA is creating for you from this state making the physical experience more pleasing.

- Michelle

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