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Is the Law of Attraction rooted in religion?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The Law of Attraction is always responding to what is, to what the emotional state is. It doesn’t separate itself onto any group, it is simply orchestrating on your behalf from the information you are currently providing, this is determined through your emotional state.

There is no judgement from The Law of Attraction for anyone's religious beliefs, only a response to the emotional connection to those beliefs.

If your focus causes you to have beliefs that another is doing something wrong or that you are doing something wrong, and causes you to lash out at another, to feel anger, hate, fear, or condemnation, the Law of Attraction is always responding, it doesn’t care about anything else - simply where you are.

When in an emotional state that is less than pleasing, your life experience is less fun. First you don’t feel good (for example the emotional feeling of dislike) you can feel it in the pit of your stomach, when you take action from here, the physical experience will be less than pleasing, you’ll line up with another in the same energy stream, people will argue with you on social media, things at work will be off, someone will get sick, kids will be grouchy, the dog will pee on carpet etc…

Think about it, when you are not feeling good, feeling frustrated or upset, are you using words of peace and appreciation? Is it possible to be upset and conduct ourselves from anywhere different or do we use words that match? Meaning, if you’re really mad at someone and you choose to have a conversation with them, how pleasant is that conversation? Are you pointing out what they did wrong? These often turn into arguments, and blame, and now we are not having any fun and blaming each other for where we are.

If your focus is on things that feel good, and are inclusive and judgement free, if you go with the flow and accept that we are all individuals and provide value. If you conduct yourself from this emotional state then things are more pleasing.

Conversations flow, things are getting solved, people are working together. It simply feels better to take part in this life experience from here.

Think about it, when you are in appreciation and willing to go with the flow, are you using words that feel good and are fun? When you have conversations from this state of being, they will be optimistic and inclusive, you will feel connected and appreciated, they will be solution focused. Everyone benefits.

Well-being is also consistent and doesn’t separate because of one's Religious beliefs, it is only ever delivering a message of peace, unity, compassion, gratitude, confidence, happiness, it is only ever providing encouragement and unconditional love.

There is no judgement from well-being for anyone’s religious beliefs, it is only ever taking part in the stuff that feels good, the stuff that is from love, is unconditional and benefits all that is, that protects our Earth and all its inhabitants. It knows what’s best for you and provides you with guidance on how to achieve it. How to do it from a place that feels good, that will be the most fun, that will provide the best possible outcome and will only benefit you and others.

Well-being will NEVER waiver from this, and will NEVER say it’s ok to hurt another. No exceptions.

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