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Law of Attraction: does it care about race?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Law of Attraction doesn’t care about race, gender, finances, where you live, education, sexual preference, identity, religious beliefs, marital status, or job employment.

It responds to what we are thinking about, what we are focused on and talking about, it responds to the energy we are putting out, positive or negative. It also doesn’t matter the subject, only your belief around the subject, if you have a belief that someone is doing something wrong, LOA is creating on your behalf from the negative energy stream in which you are in (it is not possible to think something is “wrong” and “feel” good at the same time).

  • When humans use an excuse such as race to stand in their way of enjoying this experience means they have given up their own personal happiness because of a view they are holding. When we ask others to be different from who they are, or to be excluded because of their appearance we are separating ourselves from well-being, from inclusion, from appreciation. Law of Attraction is always responding to the energy, the emotional state and it’s simply not possible for anyone to have emotions of dischord against another and be attracting anything different than dischord.

Law of Attraction is always accurate and judgement free, therefore it’s not personal, it’s not looking at you and deciding how it will respond based on your appearance.

  • People who are “judging” another person for how they look don’t feel good, they are using words that are hurtful, misguided, often mean and lash out, they have a “belief” that they are either more worthy, or others are less worthy, or that they don’t deserve it, the list is endless. From this state of being we give off an energy that is a direct link to the negative energy stream, so the drive to work becomes slow, when you go on social media you see something very quickly to remind you how mad you are, when you pick up the phone it’s not a pleasant conversation, you get pulled over, you break a nail, someone at work calls in sick, you simply don’t “feel” good and everything you take part in now seems to “suck”.

If we choose to believe this experience is about inclusion, well-being, about expansion and that we are better because of the differences, it makes us stronger, more unified, more knowledgeable and creates a solution immediately. The opportunity to grow and learn from different cultures, to appreciate new food, to believe everyone provides value, to embrace the “difference”/”opportunity” for growth, collaboration, new ideas, new journeys, new technologies, the list goes on forever with potential.


Getting happy is an internal gig.


It is not anyone else's job to be anything different so YOU can feel better. You were born kind, loving, understanding, appreciative, open to all that is, so when YOU are behaving from a place that is not from here (i.e. spreading hate) you feel it, and then blame them…..a flawed premise to be the creator of your discord and blame another.

When we appreciate diversity, it feels better and LOA is now orchestrating from a positive energy stream. You’re meant to have fun, to love, to take part and embrace, make a decision to be kind, helpful, understanding, appreciating and watch what LOA will drum up on your behalf. You will begin talking about your “luck”.

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