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Law of Attraction: Why is it easier for people to be happier than me?

You deserve to be happy.

The energy which is you, the fun, charismatic, optimistic, eager, hopeful, wanting, creative, grateful one that you are at your core is meant to be happy, you are meant to have fun in this experience, you're meant to take part and you are always providing value. It is when we separate ourselves from this state of being that we are now unhappy.

We are all going to experience being unhappy, and a lot of other “negative” emotions as well from time to time. You are not doing anything wrong and you are not alone. Does it make sense to “feel happy” if we are looking at the “unhappy”?

When we choose to embrace unhappiness as a tool vs a problem, we automatically begin shifting our emotional state of being to one that is more pleasing.

  • It is not possible to be looking at being alone, or looking at something someone else has and wanting it, or to be in a relationship that isn’t healthy, to be in a job you don’t like, to be sick or to be going through “loss” and feel good. When looking at or focusing on things that are upsetting to you will create an equivalent vibration, an energy that is now taking part in the negative energy stream. It just isn’t possible for the Law of Attraction to deliver anything different from where you are, and it’s not possible to feel pleased when focused on something that is less than pleasing. LOA is always responding to the current vibration, and how long you’ve been there will determine the “size” of the physical experience you’ll have when you then take action.

  • You take part in every single experience you have. Every thought you think, every word you say, every action you take, everything where you're concerned you contributed to it. Such a beautiful thing when you can fully understand the true freedom that comes when knowing if you are taking part from a place of well-being or not, both for you and all that is.

This life experience is about taking part in all of it, having access to all of it. It is about choice and preference. Deciding what it is we like, the things that make us laugh, the things we are passionate about, the things that feel the best and following that path. When we don’t know what we want, we become frustrated and can feel lost, hopeless, alone, insecure, not loved, scared, worried, not knowing what to do, unhappy, and when in this emotional/vibrational state the Law of Attraction will be relative, meaning it is now orchestrating on your behalf in the negative energy stream. Not personal, simply responding which makes it harder to find fun, or a sense of peace. No one wants to leave the house when not feeling good...

There is good in the negative emotion, it tells you where your focus is and also provides you with information on what you want. Whatever you are focused on that doesn’t feel good, you want the opposite.

When you notice you’re upset, make a decision to focus on the opposite of what has you upset. A few examples to get you started, everything is a possibility.

You like red vs blue, focus on red

You like drivers who signal vs the ones that don’t - focus on the good driver

You like professional outfits vs sexy - focus on professional

You like kindness vs bullying - focus on kindness

You like easy going vs dramatic - focus on easy going

You like tall vs short - focus on tall

You like the outdoors vs stay in - focus on outdoors


Whatever it is, you always have an opportunity to find something more pleasing, it’s the decision to do so and knowing you’re worth the effort.


We always know by emotion first, if you stub your toe, you have built up a momentum of negative emotion and have taken action from there, it has now become a “physical” uncomfortable experience as well as the initial unpleasant emotional one that was in the forefront. The key is catching the emotional state as soon as you can and making a decision to be somewhere else, closer to feeling better and doing whatever you have to get there, not at your expense or others of course. Finding appreciation and being thankful is an easy way to start the momentum shift.

We encourage people to breathe and focus on what that does within. The second you acknowledge you are away from a satisfactory feeling, thank yourself for knowing it. Take a few deep breaths. Count the words in your head, ONE - feel the way the breath enters your lungs, TWO - notice your chest rises as it fills with air, THREE - notice how you can feel it fill your body, feel how you are beginning to relax, FOUR - tell yourself everything will be ok, FIVE- tell yourself things are meant to work out…go for was long as it takes to feel a shift.

There is a well-being at work always for your benefit with the knowledge that you have given it on the things you prefer, holding it for you, wanting you to find it, to discover it and move towards it. When you listen, you can feel it and it will feel good, well meaning, with inspiration and ideas, reminding you how special you are and how you are meant to conduct yourself from that beauty. This takes some practice and commitment, when you find ways to feel better and become what you are wanting, your experience will fill with happiness.

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