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Parenting: The Law of Attraction & Communicating with Children

First you have to remember you have an internal guidance system, an internal dialogue, a specific guidance system meant for you, as do all human beings. With that understanding it must mean that children have one too, a specific, individual guidance system, meant for them and them alone. Then understand that this guidance system is only ever delivering a message of well being, a message of the next logical step, the next best feeling thought, of encouragement, of knowing that everything will be ok. This message always delivers a message of satisfaction. You can use this information to help guide your children into finding theirs, their well being, and what it is they really want. Doesn’t all frustration stem from not getting what you want? Of course it does, when things are going well we don’t notice. It’s when things go sideways a little that we notice. For example, the end of playtime for children. It’s so interesting, adults don’t understand why children throw a hissy fit when you tell them to put away their toys….isn’t it because they believe that by putting the toys away the fun must end? And children know better than the rest of us, the fun is always supposed to continue, so when we ask them to stop they get a little….crabby. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice this happens with adults as well. We are fine when we feel good and it is when we don’t feel good that we notice.

This is a Law of Attraction based Universe you are always creating. You are always in charge of your energy output which means by default you are also contributing to how your children will behave.

For example, you have a couple of toddlers in daycare who like to scream and run around. If this is happening on a regular basis it’s because you the parent have a belief it will happen. It makes sense when you pick them up they will be screaming, that it’s just going to be another day the same as yesterday, you might even be saying to yourself it doesn’t matter what you do they won’t stop - but this story you tell yourself and others matters a lot. You are literally creating with every thought, with every emotion, with every word. If you are below satisfied is it really surprising that when you engage with others, no matter who it is, it would be less than pleasing? You the parent must do what it takes to engage with your children from a good feeling place, prior to engaging. Engage with them from a place of optimism before you pick them up. Get yourself in a good feeling energy state, anywhere near satisfied and above works every time. It’s the Law. Tell yourself everything will be ok, that this ride will be fun, that we are supposed to have a good time. When you tell the story of what you prefer, what you want, what you desire, and become it, the Law will put together all the cooperative components to make it happen. Meaning the children will have had a great day at daycare, they will be happy to see you, they will feel the positive energy and will match it, every time. And why would they do this? Because it “feels” better. Isn’t this what we want for our loved ones, for everyone...isn’t the goal to have happy children?

Think about it, if you’re in a bad mood, tired, worried, exhausted and in a negative emotional state, doesn't the physical experience you’re having always become a perfect match? Screaming kids who don’t want to eat their supper, or have their bath or go to bed, or put on their pajamas, they are miserable, and of course so are you.

It doesn’t matter the age of the child, if you make it your intention to engage with them from a place of well being, a place of satisfaction, then by Law you must have a satisfying outcome. They must have a satisfying outcome. Guide your children to listen to their well being, the one that’s rooting for them, the one that’s telling them they can do and be anything they want, that they deserve to be happy, that they are in control of their own emotions, that they have the power to feel better, that everything will be ok, that things are meant to work out, that they can find appreciation in any moment in time. Tell them and yourself that it makes sense to put your best self forward so you can contribute to the desired outcome. Everyone is having fun.

Your guidance system, your self knowing, this well being energy will only deliver a message of love, of understanding, of knowing, of trust, of security, of clarity of what the next logical step is, anything less is not from well being, ever. You can always know the difference by how it “feels”, if it “feels” satisfying or above it’s for you. The message always feels good, no exception. It’s how you know it will benefit everyone.

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