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Positivity During the Pandemic

Right now it makes sense to feel worried, concerned, like you have no control, this is a crisis and you are trapped. When you are watching the news or spending time on social media and reading other people's opinions, it is easy to become frustrated and focus on the things you don’t like. You can’t possibly be looking at something you don’t like and feel satisfied. It makes sense!

At this point, you have a decision to make - are you going to do what it takes to emotionally feel better? When you decide the answer is yes, your focus will begin to shift and you will begin to find positive thoughts. For example, some positive thoughts around the Coronavirus:

  • The best doctors and scientists from around the world have teamed up to work on a vaccine.

  • We are discovering new business opportunities and tapping into our creativity.

  • Online learning and online business have grown and expanded offering greater accessibility.

  • We have become more aware of the importance of personal hygiene.

  • We have more insight into future improvements that benefit us and future generations. New understanding of viruses, healthcare, personal protective equipment, infrastructure and so much more have and will be discovered.

You have control over your experiences through your emotion. It is your emotional state that tells you where your thoughts are. The Law of Attraction is always responding to where you are emotionally. When you are feeling satisfied, you will feel satisfied in your life experiences. If you are frustrated, you will experience frustration in your daily life. When you make it your desire to pay attention to how you feel, you can then make a conscious decision to change focus, to find something that is more pleasing. You are meant to be satisfied.

If you are still having difficulty finding satisfaction, try to shift your focus and reset by perhaps:

  • Going for a walk outside

  • Looking up good feeling stuff on line like funny animal videos

  • Volunteer

  • Find gratitude by recognizing all the wonderful things happening all around you

  • Do something you really enjoy

Your thoughts and intentions are so powerful. Without knowing it most of us don’t understand the power in setting our intentions. Because the Law is responding to where you are, a positive intention will bring about a positive life experience and the opposite true with a negative intention. So during this global pandemic, make it your intention to practice positive thinking and recognize the power in it.

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