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Protesting - Does It Help?

It makes sense to want to protest when we are looking at all the things we aren’t able to do. Being unable to go to gyms and social events can cause us to experience emotions of frustration, anger, rage or even depression.

Does protesting help?

If you are sitting in rage or depression then the idea of a protest will likely feel better. The idea or thought of protest may give you a sense of relief that you are doing something about it, that you are contributing to a cause, that you are helping. However, when you think about the word protest, where does the word fall? By definition the word means disapproval, a complaint, an objection and often ends in arrests or injury. Would this be above or below satisfied?

protesting /prəˈtestiNG,prōˈtestiNG,ˈprōˌtestiNG/


the expression of disapproval of or objection to something.


expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

What does this mean for you, the human in a Law of Attraction based universe when you are wanting to protest? The Law is precise and judgement free, not caring about who you are, only about the energy you are giving off. When you are in a state of complaining, pushing against, or simply being aggravated, the Law will bring you a life experience that matches. The emotion of frustration itself was the indicator that you were already going down a rabbit hole. The emotions you are feeling is the first indicator we as humans have that provide us important and very valuable information. It tells you where you are on the emotional scale and tells you what you are attracting in your physical life experience. When in frustration or worry, you may burn your toast at breakfast, you may slam your finger in a drawer, your kids may be unruly, the dog will chew something, you will get a flat tire, you’ll fight with your spouse or co-workers. There WILL be a physical life experience that isn’t pleasing. It’s the Law.

What could we do in place of protesting? What are the risks when we protest? Is it helpful?

Negative Energy - Action from anger, frustration, worry, blame

  • Create a Facebook Post promoting the protest

  • Show up at the event with children showing children that we don’t respect laws and could jeopardise the well-being of the greater community (Covid)

  • Someone gets injured or killed

  • Break the law - potentially lose your ability to travel or get jobs

  • Put others at risk in the middle of a pandemic

  • Put the business itself at risk of losing it’s license to operate

Positive Energy - Action from hope, love, opportunity, helpfulness, appreciation

  • Create a Facebook Post promoting the restaurant

  • Order from there yourself and have it delivered

  • Show your children that we can be helpful without having to protest

  • Gather the same group that was going to protest and have them order a meal a week, if you don’t like the food - donate to a homeless shelter

  • Remain safe and secure in your home to protect yourself and others

Feel the difference between the two. The latter feels better and you are having a more pleasing life experience, there is more laughter, the kids are helpful, the drive to work is pleasing, you get the last of something on a shelf, an unexpected sale on an item. So many good things are happening all around you simply because you made a decision to take action from a better feeling place. The Law is responding to the energy state you are in, when you make a decision to be truly helpful you will see your life experience change before your eyes.

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