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Starting New Relationships vs Leaving Old Ones

Why do we want to leave a personal relationship? There could be a multitude of reasons one wishes to leave a relationship, from abuse, moving apart, infidelity, money, children, different beliefs, etc. From a Law of Attraction perspective it is not possible to “leave” a relationship and have the Law respond differently from an energy state of “leaving” ie: leaving something never feels good, however moving forward toward something new will feel better, and put you into a more positive state of being. That’s where we want to do our attracting from, a place that feels good.

Knowing what your emotional state is, provides information and is important to being in a place where the Law of Attraction will work to your and everyone else’s advantage, (we are never in it alone). i.e. bring fun, interesting, well-being life experiences during the journey. We are living this life anyway, making an intention to do it from an emotional state that feels good will bring those life experiences that simply feel better, they flow, they are fun and are well intentioned.

If you spend time talking about what you don’t want in your relationships the Law has no choice and will put together the cooperative components to which you are matched. You will go from relationship to relationship having the same negative experiences. For example, if you are saying things such as, they are never home, they don’t pay enough attention, they cheat, they lie, they don’t do anything around the house, they are not intimate, they don’t appreciate me, they never want to go anywhere, they don’t love me…or worse, I’m not good enough, I’m not what they want, I’m never going to measure up, I’m not attractive attention to how it feels when saying these things. Does it feel good or off? Do you feel optimistic or deflated? Does it feel happy or sad? All of these or some may be true, however telling this story will attract negative life experiences as the Law is responding to the emotional state, the emotional story you are talking about, reading about, thinking about, living. If you are in a state of sadness, desperation, denial, fear, insecurity or anything below satisfied then you are attracting this. Please know you are not doing this on purpose. You’re not waking up in the morning and saying to yourself, “Today is a great day to be miserable”....what does happen is, we wake up and we start thinking about all the things that we have to do, or we think about the disaster of yesterday, or have regrets about how we’ve behaved or want to blame others for their behavior, and before we know it we are in a “rabbit hole” of negative emotions before we’ve even crawled out of bed. You are not doing anything wrong, life can be challenging, suck it makes sense to feel overwhelmed, sad, depressed, angry etc.

If you’re willing to tell a different story, life becomes easier to appreciate, to understand, to know that everything will be ok. You are meant to be happy, you deserve to be happy and you are always contributing to and taking part in this life experience. Tell the story of the kind of relationship you want to have. What does it feel like? Secure, confident, loving, inspiring, passionate, caring, ambitious, spontaneous, compassionate, genuine, pure, honest, supportive? These are the relationships that feel the best and we deserve them. They always come when we become an emotional (energy) match to them... i.e. we are loving, supportive, considerate, optimistic, joyful, excited for more, helpful.

Tomorrow when you open your eyes, tell yourself that it’s a new day and it will be full of surprises with things to explore, that every moment has value and we are taking part. That we don’t have to do it all at once, that it's ok to leave a dish in the sink, that we are meant to have fun, tell yourself you’re kind, doing your best, that you have good intentions, that you like being helpful, that things tend to work out, that tomorrow is a new day. Tell yourself you will do your best today to be thoughtful, to be kind and loving, supportive, eager, helpful, regardless of what is…..don’t beat up on yourself if you’ve had a bad day, tomorrow will bring a new opportunity.

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