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The Greater Good

This life experience is about inclusion and having fun!

It’s an interesting thing to feel the difference in the words we use in our day to day lives, to feel the difference in the emotional connection to the words themselves and understand the impact of those words. Law of Attraction is responding to where we are, the emotional state we are in and putting together the “physical” real life experiences that match that state. For example, feeling good and appreciative makes for a fun day, feeling frustrated or worried makes for a lousy day.

When you know and believe that everyone deserves to be happy, that at our core we are equal, that no one being deserves something over another...that every one of us is meant to enjoy this life, meant to have fun, meant to be happy, that we are meant to contribute to the well being of all that is...then knowing this is NEVER at the expense of others, never is another supposed to be without or suffer because we as individuals get what we want. We are meant to contribute to the well being, to be a part of the solution, the peace, the unity, the collective of everything, nature, people, animals, we are meant to be a part of the beauty of all of it.

In every thought or conversation we have there is always another taking part, we are never alone. Even in our thoughts we are almost always including another yet we often say “I”....alot. Imagine how conversations would change if you replace the word “I” with words like “we” or “us” more of the time.

For example, here is a statement replacing “I” with “we” (used with permission):

“I’m reaching out to you today as I have been trying to figure out for almost a year now what would be the best approach. I don’t have to wonder anymore, I can see how beautiful and healthy you are, I hold no resentment towards you.”

New unconditional statement:

“It feels like the right time to reach out, my heart is filled with gratitude and feel blessed to have found you, we don’t have to wonder anymore. How lucky are we that we have technology that will allow us to get to know each other, where I can see your health and beauty.”

Feel the difference between the two? Neither are wrong or right, one simply feels better. We can’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life experience or how they are perceiving it. We can always make it our intention that their life is better because we took part in it not in spite of it. We can set our intentions to be helpful, to include, to understand, to care. Why? Because you deserve to feel good too, and you achieve this immediately when you take action from a feel good place, the ones we engage with deserve respect, they deserve kindness, they deserve understanding, they deserve compassion, they deserve our best self.

Does this benefit you? Of course! In the eyes of Law of Attraction engaging from these places will then bring you the life experience you want, the fun, the love, the excitement, the “stuff”. That’s the fun part, you deserve it and are meant to be happy.

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