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The Importance of Setting Intentions

The Law of Attraction is responding to where you are, it's responding to the energy, the energy that is associated with the very thoughts you are thinking about, the things you’re talking about, reading or writing about. We often don’t understand what our intentions are and therefore we end up attracting the very things we don’t want.

It doesn't matter what relationship you are focusing on, yours with you or yours with others. When we make it a point to have good intentions we become part of the greater good by default, meaning no extra work is required.

A question was asked about feeling satisfied in your work environment, feeling like you are being recognized for your efforts. It’s such an amazing question to explore as I’ve found such a different perspective around needing others to “tell” me that I’m doing a good job. With a desire to set good intentions for the day, to be helpful, to go to work with the best attitude, with an open mind, to be solution oriented, to be supportive and gossip free, to be open to change, to work with integrity, to understand we are there to have the organizations best interests in mind, to be grateful for the opportunity to support oneself and family, I found that I was often on the receiving end of gratitude. When we take the time to set our intentions to be all of the things listed above we can feel better about ourselves and what we are capable of and what we contribute to. We become easy employees, we become valuable employees, we become the employee who gets recognized for their efforts. It is always up to the individual what kind of employee they will be.

When we look at every experience as an opportunity to be our best selves, to be looking at the best possible outcome for ourselves and each other, we truly become part of the solution, part of the well being. When we are feeling good, ideas flow, things fall into place, departments can work together with ease, relationships flourish, your day is simply better. The Law of Attraction is responding to where you are and when you're feeling helpful, you are engaging in pleasing conversations, unexpected pleasing life experiences occur that you won’t believe your “luck”.

We are meant to live happy satisfying lives, this happens instantaneously when you make a decision to have good intentions.

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