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What is Serendipity in the Eyes of Law of Attraction?

Serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Understanding how Law of Attraction works allows all human beings the opportunity to do this on purpose. To knowingly create the best possible outcome meaning it’s no longer by chance, it’s created, created prior to it actually happening, created on purpose. It’s making deliberate choices about focusing on what you prefer. How are we in the right place at the right time? How does this happen exactly?

One of my favorite experiences was an elevator ride with Al Pacino. We were doing safety audits with elevator mechanics at a downtown Vancouver hotel. I was on the top floor returning to the lobby when the elevator doors opened and Al Pacino walked in. I couldn’t believe my luck. I belonged to a couple of film groups, dabbled in some acting myself so it makes sense running into an actor would be pleasing to me, especially one who I’ve appreciated for a long time. We exchanged pleasantries and went about our day. Such an amazing experience, I will be able to look back on it with fondness forever. How lucky am I?

I’ve always been a fairly upbeat person, mostly looking for the positive, doing my best to be kind, to be helpful. It’s why things have a way of working out for me. Think about what had to happen on that day in order for me to have a 40 second ride that would give me a pleasing memory for the rest of my life!

I’ll only point out a few things to provide clarity - I had to live in Vancouver, had to work for an elevator company, we had to be doing safety audits that day, out of 30 plus hotel choices we picked the one he was at, (clearly wouldn’t have known Mr. Pacino would be at the one we chose), it had to be when he was in town filming, I had to be on his floor at the precise time he was leaving his hotel room, a second sooner or later and he would have been on another elevator. Look at everything that had to line up in order for me to have this amazing experience.

The Law says I created it long before the actual experience, that I created it by believing in the fun, by being kind by nature, by wanting to be helpful, by wanting to please, by wanting to leave a good impression, by being a good person. Since I'm meant to have a pleasing life experience it makes sense that I would be in the right place at the right time to have this experience.

This all happened before knowing how to do it on purpose, before knowing about the specifics of how Law of Attraction works. Before knowing how to set intentions, before knowing how to ask, before knowing how to line up with it, before understanding how my emotional state is creating my life experience. This goodness happened without my knowing that I am meant to have a pleasing life experience, that good things are happening all around us, for our benefit, for our pleasure. With an understanding of how beautiful Law of Attraction is, and how perfect my emotions are at guiding me, I get to experience serendipity a lot!

We don’t need to know the specifics for any of it, the good stuff has to come. The happy cashiers, the nice people who greet us wherever we go, the people who like to engage and are positive, the people who are thankful. That’s the serendipity of Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is always putting together the cooperative components so you can experience serendipity, so you can experience the meeting of someone at the grocery store, the connection one might have picking up a coffee, getting gas, a breakthrough at work, the discovery of a solution, the expansion of a business, the new relationship.

When you understand how Law of Attraction is working on your behalf you can create a pleasing life experience without knowing what the specifics are. The Universe will put together the circumstances you need to have the physical life experience (riding an elevator with Al Pacino for example, never in a million years would I have been that specific to ask for that life experience, yet somehow managed to be in the right place at the right time to experience it, to appreciate it, to be in awe of that human).

We are meant to live joyous lives, we are meant to have the loves of our lives, our soulmates, the children, the houses, the boats, the cars, the money, the careers, the vacations, the unexpected run ins...all of it. Every person on the planet is meant to have fun, to learn and to grow. There is enough for everyone, enough to enjoy and appreciate, there is enough within this life experience for everyone.

How do you create your serendipitous moments?

Believe in yourself and others, be kind to all things no matter what, choose to put your best foot forward, become the well being you want others to be, look for solutions, be helpful, be thankful, be grateful. Make it a choice to live satisfied or better. When you are in an energy state that feels good, an emotional state that is satisfying the Laws of the Universe must deliver the serendipitous moments. You deserve them.

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