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What is the Law of Attraction?

It‘s a Universal Law that organizes the cooperative components that will come to manifest in our life experiences.

Every thought has an emotion attached to it - an energy. The Law responds to this energy with accuracy like none other. You will get what you are thinking about.

There is no exception to this rule.

  • It is always accurate.

  • It is judgment free.

  • It responds equally to everyone and everything.

  • It does not care how much money you have, where you grew up, what your job is, who you know, how old you are, where you went to school, what your accomplishments are, what language you speak, what religion you believe in, what your sexual orientation is…it only cares about the energy. The emotional equivalent to the thought.

  • It will respond to where you are, it’s what makes this Law so beautiful, you can create what you want to experience in the future knowing the Law is so precise, accurate. Any other way would make it not a Law.

It guarantees that we get what we are thinking about, what we are focused on, what we are talking about, and where our energy is—because like for like will be matched and then be created and our will becomes a real experience after the inspiration, the thought, the idea, and the energy.

At every moment in time you are in a state of being, an emotional state, projecting an energy - a vibration.

Most humans are living in oblivion, not realizing that they are creating their very own life experience by way of their emotional state. Most people have some good days, some bad days, ups and downs etc. Every human on the planet has an emotional guidance system that is providing you with the information you need to feel better, to move up an emotional scale so you can knowingly create the stuff you want. The stuff you desire, the stuff you are passionate about. All of it, careers, friends, life partners, money, houses, cars, family, business everything you can possibly imagine.

It is literally limitless what you the human can create and are meant to have in this life experience. This is all possible by simply feeling better when you are in an emotional state that is less than satisfying.

Over the coming days pay attention to what your emotional state is and then have a look at what is in fact occurring in your day to day life, it will be a perfect match, every time no exception.

If you are feeling good and having fun, good things are happening such as you may have an easy drive in traffic, you may have found a solution to a previous issue, you are having enjoyable conversations….things are simply working out!

If you are feeling frustrated, or worried then your day is not as smooth, you simply don’t feel good, you stub your toe, burn your toast, lose your keys or phone, there is an issue in traffic, people at work are complaining…things are working out here too, as it is always a perfect match. It is the Law.

How do we effectively use this Law to our advantage?

You have a well-being that is guiding you always, guiding you to the outcome that will be the most pleasing to you. Providing you with the information you need for the next logical step, providing you with better feeling thoughts, providing you with the clarity you need to make good well-informed decisions.

This is available to everyone, always, and will only ever deliver a message of well-being and satisfaction. You can always know if it is your well-being by way the message feels.

If what you are thinking about feels less than satisfying that is NOT your well-being, that is an opinion you have or that you are holding of others.

Your well-being will only guide you to feel better, there is no exception to this rule.

Using the Law of Attraction to bring positivity into your life is a marathon - not a sprint. Please contact our office at to learn more about our services such as group sessions, motivational speaking, and private consultations on how we can help you and your organization create a positive emotional state and well being for all.

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