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Why do lousy people get promoted instead of the ones who deserve it?

From a Law of Attraction perspective the question is flawed.

It wouldn’t be possible for a “lousy” person to get promoted (ie: doesn’t show up to work, they are complainers, they make mistakes, gossip, they are not helpful, not open to change...etc.), it would not make sense for this person to be promoted.

Is it possible for a person who pushes, demands, fights, yells, uses fear, and bullies get promoted? Absolutely. They can be perceived as the one getting it done, people often get promoted without a true understanding of “why”. This will often create a toxic environment.

So, how do the ones who deserve it move closer to the goal of getting promoted?

The importance of knowing why one wants a promotion will help you in achieving it. Why? It will help you understand what you want and from which energy stream you are attracting. Meaning, are your beliefs around the subject of promotion accurate to the outcome you want, and are you behaving in such a way to achieve it. Are you working hard, have a great attitude, solution focused, on time, helpful, open to change...etc. these people get promoted and are fun to be around.

When thoughts (which become beliefs), are in a negative place Law of Attraction will respond and isn’t making it personal, it doesn’t care or judge, it doesn’t “care” if you are happy or not, it’s simply responding to the energy that one’s thoughts are in:

  • worry

  • jealousy

  • judgement

  • blame

  • guilt

  • depression

or anywhere that is less than satisfying LOA is responding to this energy state, therefore making the “journey” less pleasing.


"Your emotional state will tell you if you're heading towards the desired goal and having fun along the way or if you are fighting, or pushing your way there if so you will often feel tired or frustrated."


Here are some thoughts that can stand in the way of having fun and could prevent you from getting promoted:

  • You expect to be promoted

  • They don’t appreciate all the work I do

  • That person doesn’t deserve the promotion

  • I have bills to pay

  • The government isn’t doing enough

  • My neighbor didn’t get vaccinated and that’s wrong

  • My kids don’t listen, the teachers don’t help, my family doesn’t believe in me,

  • I’m in pain

The list of negative or “don’t feel good” thoughts is endless and when we spend too much time here we are grumpy, sad, late for work, tired, we then make mistakes, might be defensive and not open to change etc.

When you sort out why you want to get promoted and it’s from a feel good place such as:

  • it’s fun to lead

  • to take on new responsibilities

  • you expand your knowledge base

  • experience new things

  • you will be an educator

  • you like to find solutions

  • you like to collaborate

  • you believe in people and their ability to thrive, you’ll be a team player

The list of positive or “feel good” thoughts is also endless and when you spend your time here you do “the work” it takes to be promoted and you become that leader everyone wants.

  • you will be on time

  • you will have the best interest of the organization and its people in mind

  • you will have a good attitude

  • you will be solution focused

  • you will be supportive

  • you will be consistent

  • you will embrace challenges

  • you will guide others to the solution

  • you will do the work.

You were born kind, open, wanting more, loving, honest, trusting, grateful, confident, full of desire and an intention to explore and decide what you would prefer.

You are meant to be happy, and meant to have the good stuff, to enjoy this life experience, you are special at your core. You take part and contribute to the experience with every breath. You are important to the expansion of everything you take part in. You have a ripple effect that is powerful. You have a choice of where you will take part from, make it your intention to take part from a place of well-being, of providing solution, being helpful, encouraging and supportive, not only does it feel better to take part in the life from here, you will also have “done the work” to get promoted.

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